Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How is the total charter cost and operator revenue determined/calculated?

    Typical Operator hourly rates for the certain size of aircraft are used. Costs are as defined in the Terms and Conditions. The operator revenue is based on the pre-set hourly rate used for the city pair range and duration of flight and includes an additional 30 minutes for take-off and landing time.

  • When do I get paid?

    Payment will be electronically transferred to the account provided on the day before flight departure.

  • Can I establish the baggage rules?

    Yes, you can establish some baggage restrictions on flights; however, VolJet currently advertises a maximum of 2 bags per passenger weighing no more than 40 pounds per bag. If these baggage restrictions require revision, please notify VolJet as soon as possible.

  • Does VolJet allow pets on board?

    Yes, for chartered flights only. All pets must be contained in an airline approved travel carrier and you can establish pet cleaning fees, size, and weight restrictions.

  • How was the aircraft size determined for flights?

    The aircraft size has been preselected in order to prevent any scheduled fuel stops. It also was based on the initial number of passengers in the group requesting transportation. Aircraft cabin size and comfort of the VolJet customer for specific flight durations is also taken into consideration.

  • Why do I have to provide VolJet a tail number?

    A tail number is required in order to help ensure the aircraft has met the appropriate VolJet criteria.

  • When do I assign a tail number?

    A tail number needs to be assigned 7 days before departure. Assigning a tail number, along with inputting the operator/FBO information, allows the departure and arrival information to be sent via email to the group of passengers. The operator will receive the passenger manifest at that same time.

  • Can I change equipment once assigned?

    Yes, the system does allow for equipment changes to an aircraft of the same size or larger. If the assigned equipment is changed, notification will be sent to VolJet and the customer.

  • What does the Create a Group function mean? Does this ensure the group and revenue will be mine?

    The Create a Group function is the feature created by VolJet to assist Operators with filling empty legs. Should you need to find passengers for an aircraft, you may Create a Group of your own and Watch it. As passengers join that group, you will start seeing revenue information populate and can Claim the Group at any time. Remember that the group you have created can also be watched and claimed by another operator as it is not operator specific.

  • Can I cancel a flight?

    Once you have committed an aircraft, you may not cancel your flight.

  • How do I receive passenger manifest?

    The passenger manifest will be e-mailed to you upon entering the FBO and tail number information. You can also access the manifest on your Committed Flights page - which can be printed.