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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where do I go to catch my flight?

    Once your flight is confirmed and an aircraft tail number is assigned, VolJet will send you an e-mail with all the details of your flight, including the departure and arrival addresses of the Jet Operator/Fixed Base Operator (FBO) - typically within 3-7 days of departure.

  • When do I find out who my Jet Operator is?

    Your Jet Operator may be assigned at any time but the information is dispatched not earlier than 3-7 days prior to your departure.

  • How many bags can I bring on board?

    You will be allowed 2 bags free of charge. Typically, there is a weight limit of 40 pounds per bag. However, the Jet Operator may impose additional restrictions based upon the aircraft and destination. You may contact your Jet Operator directly upon assignment.

  • Are pets allowed on board?

    If you elect to charter your own jet, you will be able to bring your dog or cat on board per the Jet Operator's discretion. Size and weight restrictions will apply so please call VolJet. Pet cleaning fees will also apply.

  • Is there parking for my car?

    Yes, the Jet Operator will provide parking, however there may be the possibility of an additional daily parking fee.

  • How long before departure do I need to be at the airport?

    You need to arrive at the Jet Operator's location and check in no later than 30 minutes prior to your departure. Remember the seats are not assigned and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Do you provide food and drinks? What about special dietary needs (diabetic meals, vegetarian, etc.)?

    The Jet Operator will provide beverages and basic meals based upon the duration of your flight. However, if you have special requests or dietary needs you will be able to arrange special meals at an additional cost and will be handled directly with your Jet Operator once assigned. In addition, you may bring your own meals.

  • Do I get a boarding pass?

    VolJet will generate a final confirmation e-mail that your Operator will use as your boarding pass upon confirmation of your flight.

  • Are the seats assigned?

    No, it will be first-come, first-served based on when you arrive at the airport and check in for your flight.

  • Will I be restricted from bringing water on board and do toiletries need to be in a plastic bag?


  • Is there a crew on board for comfort and safety?

    Yes, your crew will consist of two pilots and on larger aircraft, will include a cabin attendant. The crew is in charge of your comfort and security.

  • Is there in-flight entertainment?

    It depends on the aircraft equipment. It is suggested you bring your own personal entertainment device.

  • Since we may not land at major commercial airports, is there staff at my destination to help me with additional services?

    Most airports that accommodate private jets have services available and your Jet Operator can provide details of the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) services. We also encourage you to pre-arrange your transfers and desired services.

  • Will I always land at my airport of choice?

    Typically, you will; however, at times of VIP travel, weather, or exceptionally high air traffic due to major events, this may not be possible. Airports slots around the specific location fill up very fast and a premium is usually added to the landing fees. So depending on when you booked and the flight plan was submitted, your aircraft may need to land at an alternate airport. In such a case, you will be informed in advance of the change.

  • What are business jet safety standards?

    Just like commercial airline carriers, Jet Operators must adhere to government rules, called Federal Aviation Regulations. VolJet selects Jet Operators that have the highest industry safety standards.

  • What does flight status PENDING mean?

    While VolJet promotes every group and makes every attempt to secure transportation, we strongly encourage customers to leverage their personal network through our smart booking social media and email features to help fill up their group. The group status will be Pending until enough people (typically 3-5 people) join your Group or until it has been claimed by an Operator, which doesn't depend on the number of people in a Group.

  • How much time should I allow before a departure date to create a group?

    You can charter a flight anytime but if you choose to create a group, that can be done up to 4 days before the planned departure date. Note that your chances of people joining the group are greatly reduced as the departure date approaches. The VolJet team sends an email with options if your group status is still PENDING within 7 days prior to departure; and, if no Operator claims the flight within 3 days of departure, your flight will be cancelled.

  • What does flight status COMMITTED mean?

    This means that you have contracted with your Operator and your private jet flight is going.

  • How do I save if I select Charter and Save?

    By allowing others to join your group you will see your fare reduce each time someone joins. You could save up to the indicated amount when you choose the charter and save option. You will get your refund on the day of departure and see your final trip fare.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Please review the VolJet Terms & Conditions page and your respective Operator's Terms & Conditions.

  • Can I still share my itinerary if my group is full?

    If the flight is shared and space remaining equals zero, your friends cannot join your group but they can start a group of their own.

  • Will my friends see who else joins the group?

    For security and privacy purposes, we do not share the names of the other passengers sharing the jet; however, if other friends post their itinerary on social media, then you can see they have joined.

  • Is it safe to share my itinerary on social?

    It depends on your account settings but it is as safe as any other information posted. It is up to you to determine the wisdom of posting your itinerary based on your own personal circumstances.

  • Is my private information hidden from my itinerary?

    Yes, it will not be shared nor is it viewable. All personal information is encrypted for your safety.

  • Is there a hashtag people are searching for I should include when sharing my itinerary for people to join?

    No, not for that exact itinerary. Your friends must click on your link. Remember, the link is only valid as long as space is available so your friends must book quickly!

  • Can I customize my message when I share group info to my followers?

    Yes! Feel free to customize your message in the text box provided.

  • Can my friends share my itinerary when I post?

    Depending on your account settings, your friends may be able to share your itinerary from their accounts.

  • Will I earn frequent flyer miles when I book a commercial flight through VolJet?

    When you input your frequent flyer number into your profile, the number will be reflected in the transaction for your chosen airline.

  • When I purchase a commercial flight, why is the status showing Pending?

    VolJet displays the temporary status of a commercial airline transaction while it is being processed. The status of your trip will show "Ticketed" usually within 3-4 hours.

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