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In our years of flying on commercial airlines and some private jet travel, we have witnessed the decline in premium service, frustration in the commercial world and have seen excess and underutilized capacity in the private jet world. Plus, trying to charter a private jet is antiquated, intimidating, and difficult; the private jet world had missed the digitization and technology revolution. Through personal passion, we have created a technology solution called VolJet. Our system introduces a new era in the aviation industry that serves the traveler, the industry, the community and the environment and revolutionizes the air travel industry through a new alternative online marketplace for the premium traveler. This one-of-a-kind hybrid service allows customers multiple options for the perfect "elite-seat" whether private jet on your own, private jet shared, or mixing private jet and commercial airline — all simply delivered.

We want flying to be fun, exclusive and for travelers to feel special again.


Offer open access to private jet travel with revolutionary ease and options to share and save, while leading the way to advance the world of air travel.


Power all private jet bookings offering easy access and revolutionary options to share and save, while serving the air travelers, the industry, the community and the environment.

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